About the Event

AIIFA's 31st National Conference has been designed under the pertinent theme of "Strengthening Green Steel Production: Building Pillars for New India". The strong efforts made by the organizers aim at bringing the entire secondary steel sector under a common umbrella; making consolidated efforts to solve the sectoral issues; strengthening the sectoral presence and importance and building foundations for a sustainable future.

With its crude steel production reaching over 100 Million tonnes (MT); India stands high in the global steel market with an ambitious target of the government on producing 300 Million tonnes (MT) by 2030. Amidst the lucrative national figures and rising importance of India in the global steel industry, environment of the steel sector remains a fact.

The reasons for such volatile conditions of the steel sector can be cited to a number of factors like demand deficiency, decline of trade competitiveness and surge in imports, financial fragility, excessive taxation, low availability of skilled manpower, among others. The future of secondary steel manufacturing especially the small and medium enterprises can be bleak; unless the entire fraternity comes together and face the road-blocks under joint efforts.

The 31st national conference organized by AIIFA is one such opportunity for the entire secondary steel fraternity to come and display our strengths and build foundation for a sustainable future.